Amazing boat… Amazing service!

I was about to buy another second-hand American towboat, then I saw the Saronic Six4, I knew pretty much straight away I had to have one and ordered mine on the spot, as it was bugger all more money and I got a brand new, better specced, kiwi built boat. How could I not!

Now I’m the proud owner and with over 150 hours on the clock I absolutely love it and so does my family and friends, by far the best towboat I’ve ever owned.

Design, functionality, strength, quality and good looks are what first comes to mind, did I mention the WAKE!!!! Just wow!
There is however more to it than just the boat, the service you get and knowing that who you are dealing with are genuine and know their stuff.

Once you meet Mat and his crew you’ll know what I mean, no problem is ever a problem and he is always happy to answer any question or provide support to keep us going and enjoying the water.

The whole process has been a total pleasure and I am actually proud to be part of the Saronic family and consider the builders as mates. Love seeing other Saronics on the water too, it's start to get real common, which is no surprise!

- Alex -
Saronic Addict

My second Saronic, when looking to upgrade our SX6 it was a no brainer to build another Saronic, our SixFour lives up to every expectation. A real step up!

- Tim -
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Where it counts…

As a competition wakeboarder, wake performance is where it’s at for me.  I have enjoyed notching up some great results and n veteran men’s division:  both North and South Island Men’s wakeboard champion 2020, King of Wake 2020, NZ #2 Wakeboard National Champion 2020. Having a purpose-built, bespoke boat to ride behind is all important, as I practice for these events.

The Saronic boat that has been built for me is a beautiful design. It not only looks good, but is performing exactly as it should. I couldn’t be more pleased with Mat and his team at Matcraft.

- Toby Muir -
No Comparison

The best boat I have ever owned! Super pumped with the end result. I am an attention to detail person and this boat has checked every box off exceeding our expectations, satisfying the whole family! Matt was an awesome, easy and helpful guy to deal with and it is so awesome to see a guy so passionate about his work.

- Steve -

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