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We're All ABOUT Wake Boats

If there’s one thing we know at Saronic it’s surf boats. Proudly New Zealand designed and made, Saronic boats are purpose-built to the highest calibre to deliver the ultimate wakeboarding, surfing or skating experience. Our highly experienced team are exceptional wakeboard boat builders by day and wakeboard riders on the weekend, so we built everything you need – and want – for a day on the water right into the design. We haven’t ticked a few boxes; we’ve ticked all of them.  There are no options, just standards. Your ultimate wakeboarding, wakesurfing or wakeskating ride.

The Saronic Difference

You want the ride of your life? We've delivered.

Kiwis know boats. You could say it’s in our blood. So when it comes to cutting-edge design and world-class workmanship, we’re right up there with the best. From initial design to final polish, Saronic boats are created for a new generation of adrenalin seekers, by those who know what it takes to deliver the ultimate water experience. Whether you’re skiing, wakeboarding, surfing or skating, you can be confident your investment is everything you could want – and so much more.

Saronic Surf Boats are designed, engineered, and crafted by the highly experienced team behind Matcraft, renowned for exceptional quality and workmanship since 2008.

So, what sets Saronic apart?
So in a word: everything

Top notch workmanship ensures that our boats are built to the highest calibre. We don’t believe in settling for standard and you shouldn’t have to either. So, we raised the bar. All the fancy ‘options’ you’d want in a boat are standard at Saronic. We haven’t compromised and neither should you. The Saronic team stands by what we do. You can feel confident that your boat comes with a five-year structural warranty and three years for everything else.

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